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Sustainability and Climate


Sustainability and Net Zero

The Forest Service is shrinking its environmental footprint to reduce our consumption of resources as we manage national forest lands. A key aspect is moving toward Net Zero in how we manage waste, fleet, energy use, recreation, and water. Read more.

A photo of a large row of solar panels on a rooftop

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability is the degree to which a natural system is susceptible to, and unable to cope with, the adverse effects of climate change. Find out how the Forest Service is assessing vulnerability of its resources

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Climate Change Adaptation is a form of risk management that many forests are implementing in advance of further serious effects on forest resources such as vegetation, fisheris, hydrology, and infrastructure. Read more

A wooden sign that reads climate change adaptation, national forest

Other Sources of Information

Climate Change Resource Center

Climate Change Research

Climate Change Science

Office of the Climate Advisor

Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

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